Distributed communities building AI.

Algovera is a collective of people working to facilitate and accelerate the development of decentralised AI products.

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OUR Mission

Solve the world's problems collectively through data science

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Decentralised Governance

The power of AI cannot be controlled by a handful of Big Tech companies. Our aim is to decentralise the governance of AI, thus taking the power away from Big Tech.

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Global Co-operation

Solving problems requires talented individuals working together. Talent is dispersed throughout the world. We enable anyone from anywhere to engage in the development of AI products.

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Community Funded

Building an AI start-up requires a lot of resources. We aim to reduce the cost of building AI products and design a sustainable business model that allows Algovera to continue funding teams.

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Decentralised Autonomous
Organisation (DAO)

Algovera will use a novel governance framework to achieve productive co-operation between community members. The community will be able to make decisions about the operations of the organisation.

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aI Ownership

Innovator Rewarding, Community Owned

We believe innovators should be rewarded for their IP. Instead of IP being locked up by Big Tech and controlled by executives, the community will decide how it should be utilised.

OUR Community

Bring a product to market collectively

Data Scientists

You choose what project you want to work on. You get access to private datasets and build models using our compute resources.

Non-Technical Members

You don't have to be technical to contribute to a project. Use your commercial or coordination skills to advance a project to a product.

Technical Members

You are able to use your technical skills to build apps that utilises AI built by the community.

Domain Experts

You have knowledge about the problem but lacks the skills to build an AI solution. Explore with the community how to add value on top of your raw data.


Invest in projects you find promising and earn when the project output is used. Anyone can be an investor by purchasing the Algovera token upon launch.

We are still building the infrastructure for Algovera

Decentralised co-operation is a large and complex problem that requires input from excellent problem solvers. If you want to contribute, join our Discord.