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Algoverse is the Schelling point for creating grassroots AI. Algoverse brings together talent from all areas into a shared space.


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Value generated by AI is centralised into a few companies, often resulting in a lack of innovation or worse, detrimental technologies to society. We are building an alternative to the traditional industry or academia choice for AI talent. We believe that independent teams will generally work on use cases that are better for the world.

Algovera is made up of independent AI teams (called Squads), funded by Algovera Grants and building on Algovera infrastructure, to create useful AI applications. Squads can leverage the resources of Algovera's AI commons (data, talent, captial, infrastucture, etc) to compete in the market. Here are some already building within Algovera:

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Algovera Events are open to everyone

We organise different events to help you learn and connect with others. We run hackathons, study groups, reading groups, discussions, hacking session and even events in the physical world.

The Algovera AI commons calendar has all the events currently happening within Algovera.

  • Review Party #4

    • 15th August, 2022
    • ·
    • 13:00(UTC)
    • ·
    • Finished

    We'll be hosting our first Algovera Grants Review Party where we can have an informal chat about some of the project submissions. If you find some time, read over some of the proposals beforehand. If you don't get a chance, that's cool too! Pop along anyway, and listen to others share their thoughts.